Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time Management from Behind the Eight Ball

Time Management When You Are Hopelessly Behind Of Everything!

An introduction narrowing down the problem, and digging out of a long term rut.
Succeeding Now & not putting it off until later. By Stephen C. Sanders- (in pre-launch phase-of course) April 3, 2014 11:07 am Windham, New York.


The problem with many of the time management concepts out there is the underlying premise that one is starting out with a relatively clean, or at least typical level of work load that they are facing.

This article is geared towards those who are already behind on major deadlines, have received second or third notices, are facing dire consequences, and routinely pay late fees!

People who most typically write on such topics are most likely powerful executives, who are expert in managing their time along with their workload. Therefore it is unlikely that they even a slight amount of familiarity with the real world problems of people who are nearly literally drowning in unmet deadlines, past due and late processing fees and charges. 

Strategy, and implementing an action plan:


  1. To do lists only work if you use them, and go back to them:
  2. Getting oneself out of a major rut is a cause for celebration, not a simple line crossing out one or more items on a page.
  3. The largest obstacle for digging one self out of any given "rut" or backlog of work is one's own natural tendency to either avoid or put off doing something which must get done!
The solution is as follows: One- Realize that any of those handy gimmicks such as to do lists and the like, in your case are simply one more distraction. These tools in your particular situation are most likely going to give you a false sense of accomplishment.

Stop reading this article right now, and start doing the things which only you can do, starting with the number one most pressing thing that pops into your mind right now as you read this.

Why are you still here? Do not worry, I understand- do that other thing, the easier and more fun thing first, right now. Do the thing that you really wanted or needed to do on the internet before you indulged the more pleasure oriented aspect of yourself. Limit your time, doing this. Make a quiet little vow to yourself to spend no more than say 10-30 mins (time varies) but make sure you allow enough time, to get that other thing done!

That's all for now, because that is all you need to know. I too have to now turn my attention to the less fun and interesting thing, that needs to be done right now.

Please leave a comment, the next time you want to waste some time, and surf the web, and maybe by then, I will have another interesting idea to help you!

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Imagine a world where the environment is much more hostile then the one we live in. When you slow down, and come to a halt (in areas where movement is essential- tendrils from beneath the very place you stand, grow around your stationary limbs, they hold you back, and pull you down. STOP is only allowed if you are indulging a whim, the time zone of now is to accomplish that thing which most heavily weighs on you. Do It Now! DIN
Stephen C. Sanders
If you do not use the time that God has given you well, then other forces will become very active to make sure that you do not accomplish the things you want for your life!
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