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Life: No Standing Anytime!

Life No Standing Anytime:

A concept who's time has come, allowing yourself to do all of those things that you know need to do, to make your life meaningful, enriched, and sublime.

Warning: This post is about getting things done that you want to do, not necessarily about the things you need to or must do! People who have urgent pressing matters to handle with very little actual time (measured in minutes or hours) might not do well with the strategy presented here relating to accomplishing things along the lines of your destiny. 

The image below is a nice literal distraction that actually helped me to get started on today's article. It's not 100% related, yet I decided to keep it, at least for my first version of today's blog.Thank you TriceyG.

Explanation of today's image; I selected this image over my most obvious choice, for this original article, being written in real time and online because: The image is a random sample of how I actually jump started today's blog post. The most difficult thing according to many people discussing their difficulty in accomplishing a vast variety of task is getting started. In my case, I decided within about the first half hour of being awake to write an article specifically for this blog. So I did a very simple thing to literally locate my blog, and that was the brief blurb showing up as a post below. Then a reviewed some related content that came up in the Google Search Results and found this You Tube video. What really intrigued me to watch it was the producer's comment: "Yeah it was cold, but I had to use my Groupon"- Brilliant!!!  

Lesson Number 1:

There may came a time in your life when you end up owning your time, the first lesson is being addressed to people who fall into this category: 

When you first wake up in the morning you are often partaking of two worlds, the one you just left, and the one you are about to enter. A person who has many things they plan, hope and need to accomplish, wakes up, often without a clue to where they should begin:

Though bubble: Absolute Truth written after this brief article was completed: I woke up very early this morning after getting a rare good night's sleep where I woke up a little bit after 6 am and actually stayed up. I grabbed a nibble out of the fridge, and did not even make myself a cup of coffee! Also I turned on the TV and was watching: Jessica's Social Media. 

According to Stephen C. Sanders, one of the most frequently quoted authors on Seed Theory; the best way to utilize this time is doing the very thing that you yourself know is your strongest skill.

  1. If you enjoy writing and perhaps have some developed skills along those lines, than start writing. 
  2. According to many experts people are at their best in the morning.
  3. Do not pay attention to your own negative thinking. Your negative thinking is one of the most powerful adversaries which you will face on a daily basis.
  4. The morning is one of those recurring times in your life when the day is longest, so if there is something that you just love to do, then why not do it when you first wake up? 
  5. Your negative mind speak may now be giving you all sorts of reasons why these revolutionary ideas you have just heard are simply not practical, outlandish or incorrect.  
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We all function in a linear world we much of what we think or do in a robot-like fashion has been programmed into us, starting from a very early age. If you are indeed at a point in your life where you effectively, practically and in fact own all of your time; then there is absolutely no reason to not try to incorporate the principle of doing the thing that you are absolutely the best at when you first wake up in the morning.
SelfSpeak:  I will accomplish one thing today, which is difficult to do, yet is doable in less than three hours and will bring me a great sense of pride and accomplishment and yes- even bragging rights!

 Now that I am done, I  can go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee!

Autobiographical Note: Becoming the source of your own photographs was a college level photography course I took at the New School for Social Research, while I was currently enrolled in the High School of Art & Design in New York City during 11th grade.  

Stephen C. Sanders- Exclusively for currently hosted in it's beta version on blogspot. April 4, 2014, 7:38 am 

Do not be afraid to be original, to be different. Doing what everyone else does, and talking about the things that everyone else talks about is all fine and good; yet thinking the way you want to think, and working in the manner that you find works well, is the goal.  [Brief article or blurb; about the author is coming soon]

At moments of great stress and time pressure, the thing to avoid is panic and frenetic non-productive activity. Just two hours of focused activity can lead to the accomplishment of  great tasks!

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