Friday, March 28, 2014

My World My Work

Today work seems to be a major issue all over the world.

Why should this be such a major issue?

Other people would ask how could one even ask such a question? Of course people all over the world need to work in order to earn the money that they need to pay for a great variety of essential things. 

Naturally I agree. So the takeoff point for this brief essay becomes; how did the world get to the this point over perhaps the last seven or eight years? 

Why is it in this day age of such sophistication that our society has not been able to keep pace with the changing demands that employers might have implemented that the citizens of the world, the potential employees, have not been able to keep up?

So far is seems like a few good questions have been thrown out there, that are worthy of consideration. Yet if one asks, why this should be such a major issue, our readers may to lead to believe that there are answers, to this question, that  have not previously been considered!

[Thoughtful pause in the dialogue- as the questions and issues are crystallized so that explanations and answers can be offered]   

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